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Association of Professional Genealogists

APG is an independent organization with over 1,200 members worldwide whose principle purpose is to support professional genealogists in all phases of their work: from the amateur genealogist wishing to turn knowledge and skill into a vocation, to the experienced professional seeking to exchange ideas with colleagues and to upgrade the profession as a whole. The association also seeks to protect the interests of those engaging in the services of the professional.

A Division of NGS, GENTECH presents national conferences and sponsors programs with other societies for persons interested in genealogy and technology.

National Genealogical Society
The National Genealogical Society continues to assist members in tracing family histories since it was founded in 1903. The NGS serves over 17,000 members by providing training to conduct more sophisticated research, giving access to their 30,000 plus volume library, and granting discounts on sale items and events.

Federation of Genealogical Societies
The Federation of Genealogical Societies serves the needs of its members societies, provides products and services needed by member societies, and marshals the resources of its member organizations.

New England Historic Genealogical Society
NEHGS helps both new and experienced researchers trace their heritage in New England and around the world. With more than 17,000 members worldwide, NEHGS supports a 200,000-volume, world-class research library in Boston; a 25,000- volume book-by-mail Circulating Library; a mail-order sales department; educational programs, lectures, conferences, and tours; an active publications department, publishing and editorial service; Enquiries Research Service and Photocopy.

Dallas Genealogical Society The oldest genealogical organization in Texas has over 800 members whose purpose is to support the Genealogy Section of the Dallas Public Library and to teach genealogical skills. John is currently Coordinator of all Special Interest Groups.

Fort Worth Genealogical Society Another strong genealogical society in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, this group teaches genealogical skills and supports the Genealogy Section of the Fort Worth Public Library.

Grand Prairie Genealogical Society This friendly group teaches genealogical skills and supports the Genealogy Section of the Grand Prairie Public Library. Meetings are the first Thursday of each month at the Library. Barb serves as Program Chair.